Wuskin joins London Call of Duty franchise


London’s Call of Duty franchise announced Tuesday that Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall is its first player joining the upcoming Call of Duty franchise league. This marks the first player officially announced by any of the 12 teams confirmed for the Call of Duty League.

Wuskin started his professional Call of Duty career in Infinite Warfare. He joined Fnatic alongside his twin brother Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall. The English team performed well in 2017 with two third-place finishes at CWL Open Events. Wuskin and Skrapz moved to UNILAD Esports for the WWII season but the team struggled out of the gate with four consecutive top-16 finishes. Skrapz left the team in May of 2018, but Wuskin and UNILAD improved with a top-four placing at CWL Anaheim and two top-six placings. Wuskin in particular impressed in WWI, with a 1.11 respawn K/D, good for 10th highest among all pro players.

Moving to Reciprocity for Black Ops 4, he became one of two players to play all the matches for the largely-European squad alongside Zach “Zed” Denyer. While his numbers slightly decreased from his WWII form, Wuskin still produced a 1.04 adjusted K/D for Reciprocity during the Pro League. His list of accomplishments kept growing. He served as a key leader for the team en route to many impressive placings at open events. Including a third-place finish at CWL Fort Worth and a top-six finish at the CWL Championships.

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Wuskin is the first to officially join the Call of Duty franchise league

Wuskin now joins the London team with a strong English base. Former Reciprocity coach Shane “Shane” McKerral, pro player Joseph “Joee” Pinnington and Dignitas founder Michael “ODEE” O’Dell make quite a fierce group.

ReKTGlobal, the parent organization of Rogue Esports, owns London’s Call of Duty franchise. The organization proved its franchising experience by getting Rogue a spot in the League of Legends European Championship. London and Paris are the only non-North American cities that own sports in the Call of Duty franchise league.

At this time, none of the other 11 teams in the Call of Duty franchise league announced any player official signings. However, many organizations are confirming front office additions, such as general managers and coaches. It is still unclear if Activision will announce more teams to the Call of Duty franchise league. But the Overwatch League, Activision’s first franchise league, only had 12 teams in its inaugural season.

The Call of Duty franchise league is scheduled to begin in January of 2020 with Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare title. An open cross-play beta is scheduled for this weekend with the game’s official release set for October 25.

Written by Christian de Guzman

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