Warzone Mobile leaked by Activision


A suspicious job listing appeared on Activision’s official website, potentially leaking one of its future projects. The codename suggests that this project is Warzone Mobile.

The overwhelming popularity of Call of Duty Warzone makes this game a high target for a mobile experience. Its community gathered over 75 million players since launch with content creators at the center stage. In addition, there was a Call of Duty League announcement about a future Warzone esports tournament a few weeks ago.

Now, Activision reportedly wants to hit the most promising sector of the esports industry, the mobile esports market.

A job listing under the “WZM” codename started it all. In this job listing, Activision was looking for an “executive producer” for a new Call of Duty mobile game. The main mission of this producer would is to “harvest, adapt and deliver the essential features from Warzone console and PC into their best mobile instantiation.”

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone

Image credits to Activision

It was easy to deduce that the game in the job listing was Warzone Mobile. Even though the name was not mentioned directly, many clues go in that direction. The biggest one being the codename, WZM, which likely means Warzone Mobile. Of course, this “accidental” leak is now long gone, under the pretext that someone was already found for the job. The website currently lists the job as filled. No one will know if someone was truly found or if Activision wanted to delete the source of this leak.

The leak also suggests that this new title will not just be a port of Call of Duty Warzone for mobile. This new game aims to create a whole new experience, made with mobile devices in mind but with the features of Warzone.

Some fans wonder where Call of Duty Mobile fits in this. After all, Activision already placed its own game at the front of mobile esports. However, with this first job listing, it is safe to say that this Warzone Mobile will not launch in the near future. Its launch will likely be late next year at least.

Who knows if Call of Duty Mobile and this future title can coexist or if they will merge. To answer this question, Activision is probably coming with a new strategy to remake its lineup of games for the mobile industry.

The environment also looks good for Activision since other battle royales are not performing well. PUBG Mobile just got banned in India and Fortnite is still battling for its rights on the App Store. It seems like the perfect timing to invest a in mobile game carrying the legacy of Call of Duty Warzone.

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