Verizon becomes the official 5G network of the LCS


Verizon and Riot Games just announced their partnership over the League of Legends Championship Series. And it’s not the first time esports fans are hearing Verizon’s name. Over the last two years, this company has been active in the esports world. However, Verizon’s marketing team decided to take a huge step forward. Verizon is now branded as the official 5G network of the LCS for years to come.

For three years, Verizon will work with Riot Games to provide a whole new gaming experience for esports players, developers, and fans around the LCS. This partnership, beginning on June 12, is centered around network service, 5G innovations, and content collaboration. The LCS’s summer season will also receive an additional sponsor.

The Network company also joins the LCS broadcast as the first-ever partner to present the Academy Rush and post-LCS match interviews. The Academy Rush is an NFL RedZone-style segment focusing on simultaneous matches from the LCS’s minor league. This is only the beginning of this collaboration, which means that there will be more to this partnership in the future.

Verizon has been partnering with many esports’ companies. Last year, Verizon created its 5G Lab in Los Angeles in collaboration with Dignitas. This facility is the first 5G esports training center in the United States. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Verizon supported small businesses by creating Pay it Forward LIVE. This music and gaming streaming project saw huge success and gathered millions of fans throughout the country. This initiative garnered around 90 million views in 10 weeks. Finally, Verizon teamed up with the NFL to create the 5G NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge, showcasing the full potential of its 5G Network.

Recently, Verizon has truly been an esports’ ally. This win-win situation between this network company and esports organizations constantly brings esports to a whole new level.

Written by Charles Fuster

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