VALORANT reveals ranked changes before launch

VALORANT was a huge success, from the start of its closed beta to its final release on June 2. Many elements are still being changed by Riot Games after each patch. Fans also got a big sneak peek about the competitive matchmaking. Unfortunately, VALORANT ranked will not be available immediately but will come through later this patch. VALORANT Patch 1.02 has patch notes explaining all the changes.

VALORANT Ranked Mode

Riot Games implemented the placement games system in order to allow friends, even with a huge skill disparity, to play placement games together. However, there is still a limit to fighting smurfing and boosting.

New Rank

Furthermore, to prevent confusion between the game and its ranks, Riot Games decided to change the highest rank from Valorant to Radiant. Developers wanted a unique name but also wanted the top rank to set itself apart.

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