VALORANT Patch 2.02 updates running accuracy


This morning, the patch notes for VALORANT Patch 2.02 came out, making some rank changes and fulfilling the community’s requests to update running accuracy when shooting, which goes live later today.

This update looks to address common community complaints of running and shooting while making ranked changes. In regards to the ranked updates, Riot Games makes its first move by increasing convergence time to players’ MMR. This means that players will reach their rank set by the internal MMR much faster than before.

In addition to that, those who perform far better than their average performances will gain bonus rating score. This rewards those who pop off and can combat smurfs by quickly moving them away. Players should note that this is in comparison to their average gameplay and not their teammates’ scores.

Lastly, VALORANT Patch 2.02 adds new restrictions for groups playing ranked together. Anyone ranked Diamond 3 or higher can no longer queue up with more than one other person in competitive mode. This helps buffer players who rely on friends and large parties to reach Immortal rank. Riot believes players need to be able to succeed without a 5-stack in order to appear on the leaderboard. As such, parties of three or more can compete in ranked together until someone reaches Diamond 3.

VALORANT Patch notes 2.02 finally update running headshots and movement accuracy,
VALORANT Patch notes 2.02 finally update running headshots and movement accuracy,

Image credit to Riot Games.

Although the issue is consistently echoed by the top players in the VALORANT community, Riot Games wants to move slowly on running accuracy when shooting. It’s a touchy area that helps keep the game unique from CS:GO. Because of how often complaints come up, changes only come to certain weapons.

In VALORANT Patch 2.02, the movement accuracy update affects the Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Vandal rifles. The amount of error that comes with moving and shooting received major increases with various movements. These number tunings are more noticeable in long ranges and are nonexistent at close range. The error increased to 5.0 from 3.75, 1.1 from 0.8, and 0.8 from 0.3 when running, walking, or crouch walking respectively. Other weapons like SMGs may see a change in the future but it looks unlikely.

Riot Games continues to show that it listens to community feedback through VALORANT Patch 2.02 addressing common complaints of running headshots, especially from esports players. More work can still be done in this area, but it’s being monitored and future updates will certainly help. Fans must now wait to see exactly what Patch 2.03 and Act 2 can bring.

Written by Justin Amin

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