VALORANT mobile port leaked in update


Data miners found something interesting while browsing through the new VALORANT Patch 1.08. In VALORANT’s data was a feature hinting a future port to mobile devices.

Recently, the esports mobile industry breaks the news regularly. In particular, the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple continues, PUBG Mobile ended up being banned in India, and Warzone coming to mobile was leaked.

Mobile esports looks like the next major market for video game developers. With reports coming every day stating its growth potential, it is no wonder that big esports companies want a part of the cake.

After VALORANT Patch 1.08, a new line of code appeared in the data. Youtuber SkillCapped released a video showcasing that this line of code refers to the possibility of tapping a screen to perform an action. Right now, even though some consoles can do the trick, it is easy to connect the dots. This is Riot Games’ first move to port VALORANT to mobile devices.

Considering that fans knew nothing about mobile files, this says a lot. Indeed, VALORANT Game Director Joe Ziegler already said that a mobile port was an option Riot Games was exploring. Since he states that months ago, nothing was said.

From a technical standpoint, it is a nice fit for VALORANT to have a mobile port. Unlike Warzone or PUBG, the game runs smoothly on the majority of desktop machines out there. Considering the advancement of mobile graphic chips nowadays, porting VALORANT should not be a problem at all.

Riot Games is already looking at the mobile industry with excitement. League of Legends: Wild Rift is already in its beta testing period and its release date is coming soon. Legends of Runeterra is live and became a successful card game in the past months. Now, VALORANT is coming too. With content like the Deathmatch and Spike Rush game modes, players on mobile devices can still experience VALORANT’s novelty.

It is very difficult to acquire market shares in the mobile esports industry. Players are easy to lure in but very hard to keep. Both the interface and the experience needs to be top-notch to even stand a chance. But the same thing can be said of free-to-play games on PC and VALORANT nailed it. The game gathered the attraction of the esports world, breaking records after records during its launch. Riot Games has solid bases to surprise the esports world again.

The future looks bright for esports fans with smartphones. Even though there is a strong list of mobile esports titles to chose from, getting diversity is always a good thing.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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