VALORANT First Strike Closed Qualifiers live results


NOTE: VALORANT esports results and standings updated with First Strike Closed Qualifiers tournament winners.

Today marks the date for the VALORANT First Strike Closed Qualifiers, starring some of the top esports teams competing to continue in Riot Games’ official tournament.

One of the most awaited tournaments in VALORANT esports, closed qualifiers began today on November 4 at 12 PM PST. Nerd Street Gamers is hosting the event to see which teams get through North America’s competitive scene. 16 teams saw themselves divided into four groups to face off in a double-elimination event.

Although the event starts today, the North American First Strike Closed Qualifiers ends on Friday, November 6. Group A and Group B face off today in the semifinals where tomorrow closes off the semis with Groups C and D. November 6 holds the finals matches in each group to decide which VALORANT esports teams qualify for the main event.

As of this writing, Cloud9 Blue and 100 Thieves won 2–0 on both matches against XSET and Luminosity respectively. Gen.G Esports will face Equinox Esports while T1 plays against Complexity.

Because First Strike is the first official VALORANT tournament by Riot Games, compared to the Ignition Series that occurred over summer, fans are really looking forward to this event. 100 Thieves especially saw excitement as they just recently finished their VALORANT esports team roster. The First Strike Closed Qualifiers will see fierce competition to determine the best teams in North America’s competitive scene.

Current standings and results for the VALORANT First Strike Closed Qualifiers in North America.

Group A Winners

Cloud9 Blue Qualified

100 Thieves Qualified

Group B Winners

Complexity Qualified

T1 Qualified

Group C Winners

Sentinels Qualified

Envy Qualified

Group D Winners

Team SoloMid Qualified

Renegades Qualified


Renegades to Main Event

Envy to Main Event and Playoffs winner

Sentinels to Main Event

100 Thieves to Main Event and Playoffs runner-up

Written by Justin Amin

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