Ubisoft announces Rainbow Six Siege Collegiate Program


Today, Ubisoft officially announced the launch of a collegiate esports scene for Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft partners with esports production platform FACEIT and computer hardware company Corsair. Additionally, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Collegiate Program boasts Origin PC as its subsidiary sponsor. The partnership helps establish the platform for the new collegiate esports scene, while Corsair and Origin PC set the finishing line. The new R6 league kicks off in North America with its preseason in October 2020.

Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Siege Collegiate Esports League In Partnership With FACEIT, Corsair, and Origin PC.

Image credit to Ubisoft.

School clubs can join but online schools aren’t allowed according to the release. Participating clubs will proceed to compete on a national stage wherein tournaments will be held across North America. Registered clubs are permitted to host intramural matches, viewing parties, live events, request prizing, and manage club members, teams, games, and results.

Schools will be able to nominate one team to represent them at the Rainbow Six Collegiate Championship, which features a $30 thousand prize pool and additional hardware prizes from sponsors, Corsair, and Origin PC. Preseason commences October 2020 but the first season starts in January 2021. Note that Rainbow Six Collegiate Program is only available in North America.

In the past years, collegiate esports has grown to be a thriving area in the esports industry. But it needs more growth. Not many people know that it exists because fans don’t think of college when esports comes to mind. Although professional esports on the big stage is amazing, the collegiate scene still holds potential. This neglect results in poor development on a competitive front. Collegiate esports leagues provide multiple beneficial factors to students like a headstart to an esports career, a form of stress-relief, developing talent and skills, etc. Ultimately, Ubisoft’s move benefits students and the industry.

Ubisoft’s entry into collegiate esports with its Rainbow Six Collegiate Program is important. It’s another platform with opportunities for collegiate esports to go beyond limits. Overall, bringing R6 into collegiate esports will help it grow alongside the mainstream flow. Ubisoft’s new league assures fans that collegiate esports keeps growing every year.

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