TSM crash out of Worlds 2020 with a winless record


North America’s first seed, Team SoloMid, suffered an embarrassing exit from the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. After securing the LCS Summer Split trophy and a ticket to Worlds 2020, a lot of fans had high hopes for the TSM roster. However, the LCS champions failed to make it out of the Worlds Group Stage. They also became the only first seed team from a major League of Legends esports region not to record a win at Worlds.

TSM blown out in Worlds 2020.
TSM blown out in Worlds 2020.

Image Credit to LoL Esports.

TSM got drafted in Group C alongside Gen.G, Fnatic, and LGD Gaming. When compared to Groups B and D, TSM certainly got lucky with the group draws. But the LCS champions started with a disappointing 0–3 performance in just the first week. European giant Fnatic handed TSM their first loss of the tournament. Then, Korea’s Gen.G continued the cycle with a 27-minute win and a gold difference of over 11,000. Things went from bad to worse on day three when TSM lost to China’s fourth seed, LGD gaming.

With a 0–3 record, TSM needed to win every week two match to have a chance at quarterfinals. Unfortunately, Fnatic killed that dream in the first game of week two. TSM’s loss to Fnatic meant they crashed out of Worlds 2020. However, with two more series to play, they had a chance to showcase their skills and leave with some positives for 2021.

Unfortunately, the TSM roster failed to overcome Gen.G and LGD gaming once again. This saw them bow out of the tournament with an 0–6 record. While all North American teams failed to make it out of Worlds 2020 groups stage, TSM’s record was the weakest. FlyQuest and Team Liquid both ended up with an impressive 3–3 record. The fact that TSM was also NA’s first seed in the LCS embarrassed many fans with the team’s performance.

Both Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg saw a Worlds performance to forget. The two veteran players could not carry their team to victory. Bjergsen was unable to do much on his signature Zilean pick and Doublelift’s form throughout the entire group stage was poor. Even the roster’s rookie, Mingy “Spica” Lu had a much better individual performance than Doublelift. Bjergsen simply tweeted “embarrassing…” to sum up the team’s performance during the tournament.

The performance of NA teams at the World Championship is one that the community has talked about for a while now. For a region where the average salary of a player is $410 thousand, the money paid does not translate to fruitful results on an international stage. With the 2021 season almost here, many organizations will see roster changes and hopefully major adjustments. But for now, fans will keep eyes on the rest of Worlds 2020, even without League of Legends esports players from TSM there to represent NA.

Written by Rashidat Jimoh

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