Top Fortnite Player Aydan Holds Charity Streams to Fight Childhood Cancer


Aydan Conrad is one of the best controller players Fortnite has ever seen. The young champion skyrocketed to stardom with Ghost Gaming and is now a free agent focusing on building his streaming empire while still competing in various events.

At just 21, Aydan understands the importance of giving back. After his first major success in the game, Aydan used his winnings to pay off his mom’s student loans. Now, with the world in turmoil, he is doing his part to give back to the community.

“It’s hard not to give back when you are given so much,” Aydan said on the Esportz Network Podcast. “Being a streamer or a Youtuber, your fans give you everything. So many people grind but many won’t get what you have. I try to take it for what it is and give back as much as I can. I think its important that people that are able to do that, especially when its integrated into a game, it makes the cause easier to promote.”

This past week he has been playing a game called Shave the Day. Free on IOS and Android, the game comes from Schick Extreme and Playcrafting to raise funds for St. Baldrick’s Foundation to combat childhood cancer. The simple mobile game is classically addictive and the higher a player’s score climbs, the more Schick donates to the charity. The company will keep sending donations up to $250,000 and there’s plenty of room to continue to grow that number before the cap is reached.

Aydan has been competing with his viewers to see who can go the furthest — and raise the most money.

“My highest score was about 1,200,” Aydan said. “I made a challenge for my stream, if anybody gets first place on the leaderboard, I’ll follow them on Twitter. I’ve had multiple people break the record and I’ve been following some new people. It’s fun to compete and it’s all for a good cause.”

On Wednesday, May 27th, Aydan will be shaving his head for the charity as well live on his stream.

“Quarantines here, my hair’s growing out a bit. My Dad’s also bald so I’m sure he will appreciate it and we can be a bald duo,” Aydan laughed.

Listen to Aydan talk giving back on the Esportz Network Podcast below. We also cover the rise of Warzone, what it will take to unseat Fortnite as the dominant battle royale game and the ongoing debate over aim assist.

Article and Podcast by Mitch Reames.

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