Top 10 most watched Twitch streamers in 2020


Following the major esports news that Microsoft’s Mixer closed down, Unikrn created a list of the top 10 Twitch streamers of 2020. A combination of factors made the 2020 esports broadcasting environment very unique. Among these factors for growth, the pandemic forcing more users online boosted 2020 Twitch viewership. For example, the year-on-year viewership growth in April was 101 percent.

This list of most-watched Twitch streamers is ranked by views from Dec 29, 2019, to June 26. Three major streamers may also come back and shift the seats: Ninja, Shroud, and Dr Disrespect.

Timothy “TimtheTatman” Betar registers 4,947,610 followers and 24,293,873 hours of watch time on Twitch. Playing on Fortnite, Overwatch, and Call of Duty, the 29-year-old American is known for his appearance in the NFL 100 advertisement at SuperBowl 2020.

Followers: 4,947,610

Watch time in 2020: 24,293,873 hours

No one cares more about variety than Saqib Zahid, alias “Lirik”. He likes trying new games to offer his community something unique. Well known for his walkthroughs and guides, he still enjoys some multiplayer competitive gameplay once in a while.

Followers: 2,624,326

Watch time in 2020: 24,647,532 hours

While focusing on both Fortnite and Minecraft, Ruben “El Rubius” Gundersen can still be seen playing other games. Having the third-highest amount of followers at this point in time, he is rumored to be one of Twitch’s biggest earners.

Followers: 5,062,556

Watch time in 2020: 26,874,307 hours

At seventh place is the only one in this most-viewed Twitch streamer list fully representing League of Legends. The 25-year-old American is known for issuing himself the goal of reaching Challenger rank by only playing Jungle. He achieved his goal last month and gathered a whole community that supported him through his trials.

Followers: 3,387,929

Watch time in 2020: 26,644,027 hours

When rapper Drake gives permission to a Twitch streamer to use his music for free, that says something. Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolchef boasts a strong community and is considered one of the best Fortnite streamers out there.

Followers: 3,671,400

Watch time in 2020: 26,874,307 hours

The highest number of followers on the platform goes to Turner “Tfue” Tenney. More than 8.5 million viewers are following his Fortnite adventures. However, back in May, the young American streamer took a break from the game because of its unfairness.

Followers: 8,537,326

Watch time in 2020: 30,823,402 hours

Ludwig “Anomaly” Lagerstedt was a renowned streamer but not enough to normally hit a top ten Twitch streamers list. But after deciding to constantly restream VALORANT VODs, his numbers skyrocketed. Even though some fans and streamers make a point that it isn’t ethical, Twitch has nothing to say about it.

Followers: 2,631,307

Watch time in 2020: 47,037,756 hours

Félix Lengyel, alias “xQcOW”, is always breaking esports news. According to YouTube, his explosive behavior is a risk to whoever wants to associate with him. However, fans still take a liking to his skills when playing games. Playing Overwatch and recently, VALORANT, his total watch time is very close to the second most-viewed Twitch streamer on this list.

Followers: 3,068,964

Watch time in 2020: 55,745,432 hours

Alexandre “Gaules” Borba is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive specialist. When commentating on the North American BLAST Premier Spring Finals, he broke his records thanks to 393 thousand viewers watching the event. After becoming very popular in the past few months, he’s definitely the latest addition to a watch time list.

Followers: 1,642,928

Watch time in 2020: 57,671,713 hours

Jaryd Lazar, also known as “Summit1g” is the 2020 top Twitch streamer so far. Because he plays so many different games, he gathered very diverse communities. Twitch understood the situation and recently offered him a contract to ensure a long relationship.

Followers: 5,357,969

Watch time in 2020: 75,839,528 hours

The pandemic has driven many businesses down but esports saw huge success. All these streamers saw an immense increase in viewership. But things will change if Ninja, Shroud, and Dr Disrespect return to Twitch. The next list of most-viewed top Twitch streamers in 2020 will be even more exciting.

Written by Charles FUSTER

The latest, most exciting esports news and stories.

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