The History of Ceb — The Playmaker

Arguably one of the best analysts and players Dota 2 has ever seen, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, formerly known as “7ckngMad”, is one of Dota 2’s most historic players. He’s played multiple roles such as mid, support, roamer, and more.

Ceb in Esports

Ceb’s professional Dota 2 career started with Team Shakira back in 2011. The team placed fourth in Dreamhack Winter 2011. After a solid performance, the team was immediately picked up by Western Wolves. Just three months into Western Wolves, things didn’t go as planned and Ceb left the team, citing roster issues. He then decided to join Mortal Teamwork (mTw) led by Troels “SyndereN” Nielsen.

What Happened at Mortal Teamwork

The newly formed mTw squad managed to win their first Dota 2 tournament and went on to beat team in the finals of Qualifiers for The International 2012. mTw continued on a winning stride, succeeding in almost every tournament it took part in. Ceb’s team was considered one of the top contenders for TI12.

Ceb as an analyst.

Coach Ceb

Two months down the line after reforming Team Shakira, four of the players on the team played in Electronic Sports World Cup 2012 under the name of Shiba Gaming. With the help of Alexander “CalculuS” Rathcke, they finished in third place. The players then decided to merge with Dota esports’ MeetYourMakers (MYM), forming a six-man roster where Ceb transitioned into the role of coach/manager/stand-in for the first time.

Dota 2 Team Sigma and Alliance

The new team first went back under the name DD.Dota for about a month before a new organization stepped in to sponsor the squad. French-based team Sigma signed them. Ceb found his most successful run with Sigma, qualifying for several premier events and tournaments. But soon, Sigma performed poorly. With a last-place finish in DreamLeague, Ceb was once again wandering from team to team.

OG Esports

Ceb progressively lost prominence as an active player, with low placements on various teams. After serving as an analyst at the Shanghai Major, he decided to become OG Esports’ coach and once again showcased his skills through the team’s results. As OG’s coach, he proceeded to oversee the team’s victories and dominance at the Frankfurt, Manila, Boston, and Kiev Majors, all of which OG won.

Ceb helps win Dota 2 The International.

The International 2019 Aftermath

Earlier in 2020, Ceb announced that he would leave the active roster to focus on the internal functions of the organization. Soon after, multiple players took a break, leading to Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng, Martin “Saksa” Sazdov and Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan joining OG Esports.

What’s Next for Ceb in Dota 2 Esports

Between Sumail’s departure and Ceb joining, the team now seems to be better balanced. Ceb is a cautious playmaker who sets his teammates up to scale in the game. With the safe-lane role now empty, it will be interesting to see if Ceb takes over this role as a carry or if he returns to his former role of off-lane.

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