The Box: Lunch Box #2 Smash Ultimate Singles crowns Ravenking


Ryan “Ravenking” McDonough just won his first big Smash Ultimate online esports tournament in The Box: Lunch Box #2. This tournament, organized by Team Liquid, gathered 512 participants across North America. Some of the best players attended the tournament, like Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma, Spencer “Bestness” Garner, or Brian “Cosmos” Kalu. In addition to Hungrybox, all players were encouraged to stream their own runs in this event.

Ravenking used Joker for every single match before getting to top 64, sweeping Joshua “PeskyPidgeot” S, Luke “lukey” T, and “Sh1tRat”. “Slurmp” was the only one to stop him by taking a round, but ultimately lost to Ravenking.

Believing that Joker would not be enough at that high of a stage, Ravenking finally added some Ike gameplay to spice things up. Even with Ike in his arsenal, he faced fierce opposition but still advanced to top 8. Rafael “Rif Raf” Martinez Treviño, Javier “ShortBloom” Janer-Pacheco, and “eboy Tom Nook” ended up suffering 2–1 defeats.

The Box: Lunch Box #2 winner
The Box: Lunch Box #2 winner

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As top 8 featured best-of-5 matches, the event was very exciting. All of Ravenking’s matches saw difficult matches. Getting past both Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez and Tanner “SKITTLES!!” Jordan was a challenge. SKITTLES!! just won The Box: Juice Box #7 and entered this tournament will full confidence.

The Grand Final was a showdown between Ravenking and Enrique “Maister” Hernandez. For this matchup, Ravenking abandoned Joker and focused on Ike to face Maister’s Mr. Game & Watch. The first two rounds on Town & City and Final Destination showed an exchange of hits and granted both players a win. However, Ravenking scored the next two rounds on Pokemon Stadium 2 to win the title. Although undefeated runs are rare, he was unstoppable in this tournament and earned a 10–0 final score.

Apart from both finalists, the top 8 featured the return of Sparg0 in fourth place. Since he didn’t participate in online tournaments for a few weeks, it was quite a surprise seeing him in such good form.

Ravenking 1st place of top 8
Ravenking 1st place of top 8

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Luis “Lui$” Oceguera, the tournament’s second seed, saw his run flipped upside down after suffering an upset at the hands of David “LeoN” Leon. LeoN ended up at in sixth place because of a tie-breaker, giving fifth place to Lui$. These two players created lots of trouble for each other during the event.

Both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee held online esports tournaments for fans to enjoy these past few weeks. From Get On My Line 2020 to The Box series, Smash players have a decent platform to express themselves. The Box: Lunch Box #2 boasted exciting matches for everyone, but the next event may not be so easy for Ravenking.

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