The Best Way to Invest in Esports

Right now, there is no denying that esports is growing in popularity on a daily basis simply because of the vast opportunities that it can provide. Despite the growing success, many still underestimate the possibilities of the esports industry. But in fact, investing in esports brings numerous benefits.

Figure 1: Gamer playing the popular Battle Royale Fortnite

If you’re all in, an esports investment to make is through stocks. Believe it or not, stock investments are not just for businesses and large corporations. Since esports’ audiences continue to grow, now is the perfect time to buy relevant stocks

There are many esports publications you can begin investing money on. In some cases, long-term investments can be considered fail-safe. There are plenty of publications that are highly valued and consistently capitalized on the market. Some risk-worthy publishers that are excellent to invest your money in to are listed below.

Figure 2: Wall Street stock investor.

Activision Blizzard

Electronic Arts (EA)

Enthusiast Gaming


Sea Limited



Modern Times Group

Although there are plenty more game publishers that you can choose from, those above are options for successful esports investing. The value of the esports industry right now is worth billions, proving that it can compete with, or even surpass, traditional stocks in the market that are usually invested in.

Aside from that, if you are not very familiar with stock investments, you can learn online or seek help from a trusted broker. If you are not ready to start investments, you can start streaming while playing your favorite video games to get involved in the industry.

There are several platforms that showcase gaming skills, such as Twitch and Mixer. You won’t earn much in the beginning, but once you start gaining subscribers, your earnings will grow with your subscriber base.

Streaming is another option if you’re not entirely sold on the stock market. You shouldn’t fear investments but proper strategy is key. It’s not rocket science, but it will take vision and patience to see the results that you want.

Investing in esports is the same as conventional stock trading; the only difference is you’re placing your bets on growing companies. Test the waters and get familiar with the fundamentals of the stock market. This small move can be a big step for you to earn a rewarding esports stock investment career!

Written by Craig Bolin

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