Team Vitality Enters India with 4 Popular Content Creators


Team Vitality decided to enter the esports market in India with a loud bang. To do so, the famous French organization signed four influencers and content creators whose total followers amount to just under ten million.

Team Vitality’s ambitions in India were revealed two months ago. The French organization wishes to be a powerhouse among other Indian organizations. Vitality‘s first step was to put itself in the minds of gaming and esports fans from India. In order to implement this strategy, Vitality invested in four popular content creators.

Even though fans don’t know yet which games it will compete in, Team Vitality already has a headquarters in Mumbai. The French esports organization should start its first campaign on new territory at the beginning of 2021.

French organisation Team Vitality
French organisation Team Vitality

Image credits to Team Vitality

Still, before starting to build up a winning organization, Team Vitality adopted a different strategy.

“We’re very keen to engage with our fans in India via our content creators before competing in the biggest local tournaments with our incoming professional teams.” said CEO of Team Vitality Nicolas Maurer.

To quickly create a fanbase, Vitality had to commit to recruiting rising Indian talents. Live Insaan, Rachitroo, Classified YT, and Mili kya Mili are now the organization’s links to its future fans.

When adding all their fanbases, Vitality now has access to a bit less than ten Indian million followers. In a country with a huge rise in esports and gaming interests, this organization takes a step forward. Team Vitality launches in India, starting with four content creators to establish its presence before going competitive in 2021.

“Team Vitality constantly strives to build winning teams on the international stage.” Maurer said. “Our entry into India is a big milestone for us and part of our endeavour to conquer the world of esports. Our mission here is to not just build professional teams but to also make ourselves the most aspirational esports brand in the country.”

Lately, Team Vitality experienced huge success. From Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, and even Rocket League, Vitality is slowly starting to gain popularity in the esports industry. Therefore, investing in the Indian market makes sense as it now touches a different population more interested in esports nowadays.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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