Team Secret wins Gamers Without Borders 2020 charity tournament


Last Sunday, Team Secret won the Gamers Without Borders 2020 charity tournament. The team swept Na’Vi with a 3–0 match score in Grand Finals and secured first place with only one loss during the entire competition. After the event, Team Secret split the $750 thousand winnings between two charities, which are the Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, and The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Team Secret has conquered Gamers Without Borders 2020 almost flawlessly. The team persevered and remained untouched until the semifinals against Alliance, wherein they lost one game. Besides that, Team Secret performed really well against significant names like OG, NIGMA, Na’Vi, and more throughout the tournament. The entire event pivoted to the favor of Team Secret when most of the games they participated in turned into an exhibition.

In the first game of Grand Finals against Na’Vi, TS owned the match with an insane lineup of crowd control heroes. Na’Vi couldn’t keep up and lost to Michał “Nisha” Jankowski’s Zeus and Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg’s Dragon Knight throughout the game. Team Secret secured game one with a staggering twenty thousand gold lead at a kill advantage of plus twenty.

By game two, Na’Vi were on the ropes. The game was a close one, with Na’Vi closing the kill gap time after time and owning the early game. However, Team Secret’s crowd control hero lineup tipped the tables in the late game period. Na’Vi slipped a couple of times, and as a result, was slowly declining as a whole and eventually overrun by the scaling might of Team Secret. Overall, Na’Vi lost game two to Team Secret with a six kill and fifteen thousand gold difference.

At this point, Na’Vi was sweating. The team was down two games and only needed one more game to win the tournament. With one chance to make a comeback, Na’Vi was thought to have at least put up a fight, but that wasn’t the case. Team Secret snowballed Na’Vi at four minutes with a net worth advantage. By twenty minutes, Team Secret had a net advantage of nearly ten thousand gold. Additionally, the difference in the kill score was near fifteen kills. Team Secret won game three with a kill advantage of twenty-two kills and cemented its name as the winner of the tournament.

Overall, this Gamers Without Borders 2020 Dota 2 tournament was deemed successful as it drew in 2 million hours watched in one day and helped aid in the global crisis. Not only that, but it also assured people that, no matter what the issue, esports is still going strong and growing more significant each day. Gamers Without Borders 2020 isn’t over yet, fans can still tune in to the event for the Fortnite charity tournament.

Written by Jay Hunter

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