Team Liquid renews partnership with Marvel


After their initial partnership last year, Team Liquid and Marvel are renewing the deal with a new collection.

Marvel broke esports news today when sharing that Team Liquid renewed a partnership with the entertainment giant through 2022. And although the two companies did not state what will come of the partnership, new merchandise seems to be the focus.

When the two first came together in June of 2019, it was initially to bring Marvel into the esports industry. With the industry continuing to boom, it’s no surprise existing corporations look to enter. This partnership helped bring new clothing collections and merchandise. The new Liquid x Marvel Retro Collection is the new esports themed clothing collection to commemorate the partnership renewal. These designs feature small logos based on heroes like Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and more.

“We’re excited to continue our team-up with Marvel,” said Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet. “Both of our brands are built around compelling narratives: heroes, rivalries, triumph and even, overcoming hardships. And, there’s so many more stories for us to tell together through custom apparel, original content and other fan offerings.”

Though the deal was renewed today, even more merchandise is supposedly in the works. 2021 and 2022 will see more custom designs and collections between the Team Liquid and Marvel partnership. Seeing major brands like Marvel push to remain in the esports industry says good things about its trajectory. Who knows what other major brands will look to enter the scene?

Written by Justin Amin

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