Team Envy show off new VALORANT roster

Team Envy announced its new VALORANT roster earlier today. With a highlight reel showcasing different members of the squad, the famous name finally joins VALORANT esports. Known before as the team, “together we are terrific”, Envy Gaming acquired the organization-less team.


The new VALORANT team comes as many teams try to field rosters. Team Envy made its move by finalizing the “together we are terrific” acquisition. Previously a team of CS:GO players who turned to VALORANT, this roster is full of professional FPS players. Envy’s VALORANT roster is comprised of Adam “aKis” Kisseberth, Abdo “c4Lypso” Agha, Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo, and Jake “kaboose” McDonald, and CS:GO star Pujan ‘FNS’ Mehta.

Envy Gaming in Esports

Team Envy is a long-standing organization in esports, boasting competitive teams in many titles. Originally a Call of Duty team as Team EnVyUs in 2007, most of the org’s notoriety comes from its CS:GO team. After acquiring CS:GO players in 2015, the organization skyrocketed in fame. Currently, the strongest esports team under Envy Gaming is arguably Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel.

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