Team B8 with Dota 2 legend Dendi breaks records


Dota 2 Team B8 has broken records but not the kind that fans hoped for. B8 has historically marked itself as the team with the longest losing streak. The organization has lost 24 competitive games consecutively. Dota 2 fans fear for the future of Daniel “dendi” Ishutin and his team.

Dendi and his team have faced 24 consecutive losses and took the record on May 5 after losing to Team Unique at WePlay! Pushka League. Their most recent band of losses was at WePlay! Pushka League with all twelve games lost, making B8 one of the first teams to be eliminated from the tournament. The reasons behind the unbelievable record are uncertain.

WePlay! Pushka League scores with Team B8 loss streak
WePlay! Pushka League scores with Team B8 loss streak

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With dendi being one of the most significant players in Dota 2 history holding a long list of achievements and experience, it’s undeniably a blow to the face. However, the blame can’t be entirely on dendi’s team. Ever since Pushka League started, the team was unable to secure a full team for the majority of the tournament. Throughout the competition, they had to rely on player substitutes to fill in the gap. This dilemma drastically affected B8, even just on statistical information, resulting in Dota 2 Team B8’s loss streak. At the moment, Team B8 sits at a win rate of below 16 percent with 9 wins and 48 losses. Throughout the entirety of the organization’s career, losses have been prominent.

Dendi is currently the mid-lane player and captain of his team, putting a large amount of pressure on his shoulders. With COVID-19 limiting areas of practice and gameplay refining, it’s a huge issue for B8 and any other esports team.

Overall, dendi is carrying the weight of his entire team on his back. He covers, guides, plays, and does everything he can to make the organization successful. Fans believe that his overcompensation may be the reason behind a lack of improvement, because of the lack of clarity and space he provides for himself. Only time will tell if Team B8 will start to upscale in overall skill as a Dota 2 team and pull out of the Team B8 loss streak.

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