Smash Ultimate Sephiroth Challenge, Moves, and Release Date


Today, Nintendo Director Masahiro Sakurai helped present everything about the new DLC Smash Ultimate fighter Sephiroth, including the character’s moves, the Sephiroth Challenge, and his release date of December 22.

Announced at The Game Awards 2020, the addition of Sephiroth blew fans away. Known for his long sword, Masamune, the supervillain is known as one of Nintendo’s most iconic enemies. In terms of in-game stats, he’s taller with a larger hitbox but he is a light character in terms of weight. Noticeably, nearly all of his attacks have a huge range due to his sword. Thankfully, because he’s a swordfighter with very long range, his grabs are weaker. His neutral attacks are powerful wide moves that leave him vulnerable right after.

Sephiroth’s Winged Form activates when he’s in danger and hits low health. The new form takes into account stocks as well, activating at 30% damage when at just 1 stock left. If Sephiroth and the opponent are both at three stocks for example, Winged Form activates past 100%. His

In regards to Sephiroth’s special attacks in Smash Ultimate, they focus on ranged projectiles. Neutral special can be charged to shoot explosive projectiles. Side special shoots small projectiles that create delayed explosions on enemies. His down special is a counter that does more damage based on what hits, although strong attacks can destroy it. His saving move and up special lets him dash in a straight line in any direction. If held and charged, the attack deals heavy damage too and flies a little further.

The new map incorporates one of the ending scenes in Final Fantasy 7. This is probably the first time the team designed a map to play out story events. The entire time in the background of the platform, events play out as they do at the end of the original Final Fantasy 7. Smash Ultimate’s Northern Cave map releases with the new Sephiroth DLC on December 22.

The new Mii fighters joining the roster in Round 8 are Tifa as a brawler, Barret as a gunner, and Aerith as a swordfighter. Although fans constantly wished for Geno from Super Mario as a character, he enters as a Mii fighter. Additionally, the new DLC pack adds nine new songs from the Final Fantasy series, bringing it to 11 total in Smash Ultimate. Finally, players can unlock him early in Smash Ultimate by participating in the Sephiroth Challenge, a 5-day limited-time game mode running from today until his official release date.

Although Nintendo refuses to support the Smash Melee scene, the company continues to do well with growing Smash Ultimate. For every new Smash Ultimate DLC fighter added to the character list, fans clamor for their favorites to join and were greatly surprised to see Final Fantasy Sephiroth enter. Now, thanks to the info from the Sakurai Presents Sephiroth broadcast, players can add him on December 22.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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