Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.2 updates Steve bugs


After the arrival of Steve into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a new update, Patch 9.0.2 is now live on servers, principally fixing bugs and weird behaviors about the new character.

When introducing Steve, the developers also stated that they had to rethink and redesign all their current maps in order to fit the character. This change may be the reason for some of the new glitches that appeared in the game. Nintendo needed to intervene and solve the most obvious issues.

Originally, this update was supposed to include a few adjustments for fighters. However, a few days prior to the release of this patch, Nintendo changed its mind and only featured map and gameplay fixes. Reacting to this news, fans are now thinking that they saved the meta changes for the next and more important updates.

Smash Ultimate 9.0.2 Update
Smash Ultimate 9.0.2 Update

Image credits to Nintendo

For the newly introduced Steve, there was a very annoying bug that prevented players from jumping after falling off due to his anvil. This led many players to fall to their death thinking that they could save themselves. Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.2 should now prevent this situation from happening again.

Duck Hunt and Zelda had some trouble using their down specials. These abilities did not behave as they should, so Nintendo fixed it. Samus and Dark Samus were also seeing some inconsistencies with the speed of their up specials. In Smash Ultimate, a very technical game that requires extreme precision, even slightly different results can make a difference.

There were also three different bugs related to stages. First, fighters were occasionally warped on the Venom Stage. Then, when ending a battle, players would sometimes end up on a stage created in Stage Builder. Finally, a bug was fixed where players would go through landscapes after getting launching.

Players can now rest easy knowing that this update corrected mistakes in the new Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0.2.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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