Six August 2020 Major had Unexpected Results

The six August 2020 Rainbow Six Major events come to a close with the final European League matches. The best teams competed in those tournaments to gather more points in order to qualify for the 2021 Six Invitational.

Every weekend featured a different league. In every region, all matches followed a best-of-3 format, except the grand finals that were based on a best of 5 with infinite overtime. After a month of weekend matches, the results are finally in.

Rainbow Six Major

Asia-Pacific League

Union Gaming emerged as first place for the South Asia Division after beating MercenarieZ, who placed second. MonkaS claims third place and KIRA E-Sports settles in fourth. Meanwhile in the Oceania Division, Wildcard Gaming beat the second place Pittsburgh Knights and third place Okami.

Latin American League

The Mexico Division saw Estral Esports take first place, while Timbers Esports placed second.

North American League

European League

The 2020 August Six Major has the best teams reassessing their gameplay and teamwork with these surprising results. Season 1 Stage 2 is fast approaching in October, in preparation for 2020 November Six Major. After these upcoming events, there will be a better idea of which 16 teams will make it to the 2021 Six Invitational.

Written by Emily Tan

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