Sentinels re-signs Bugha for 2 year contract


The 2019 Fortnite World Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf revealed today that he’s re-signing with esports organization, Sentinels.

In a video announcement posted on social media today, the young Fortnite superstar posted the news. He officially signed the contract keeping him under Sentinels’ care for another two years.

Ever since signing with Sentinels back in March of 2019, Bugha went on to become a Fortnite esports king. Although he showed his skill even before the first signing, many of his major achievements came on after. The landmark achievement he’s made is becoming the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Champion with a first-place Solos finish. That win let him take home $3 million alone. Now, Bugha has his own gaming collection of computer peripherals at Five Below.

Bugha won the Fortnite World Cup at just 16 years old and even won major awards at the 2019 Esports Awards. Today marks his eighteenth birthday and is also the day of the re-signing. As a legal adult, he’s sure to continue and make more big achievements, especially in Fortnite esports under Sentinels.

The Fortnite champion made many achievements in recent year. Earlier this year, Bugha teamed up with Christian Pulisic of _ for Twitch Rivals. On the other side of esports, Sentinels made big moves this year, especially in VALORANT. The esports team signed a powerful roster, even adding Overwatch League MVP and 2019 World Champion, Jay “Sinatraa” Won to the team. Soon after, VALORANT esports team Sentinels won the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational.

2020 was a phenomenal year for Sentinels and keeping Bugha on the team is a big move. Although the 2020 Fortnite World Cup canceled, he would’ve been a big threat there and potentially won again. Fans should look forward to what Sentinels and Bugha will accomplish in 2021.

Written by Justin Amin

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