Samahoma Media Investors looks to grow gaming initiatives amid COVID-19


In the latest esports industry news, investment advisor Samahoma Media Investors announced an interest in funding investment projects. As businesses around the world struggle amidst COVID-19, a new investment opportunity arises to aid companies. Through short term funding from the establishment of Insight Media Fund, Samahoma wants to revitalize and find growth in the right brands.

Insight Media Fund was designed for long term growth during this challenging market. Since the start of 2020, the Fund raised nearly $2 million and backed five projects. Seeing the rise of attention in esports and gaming, Samahoma and the Fund looks to fund these and other entertainment industry programs. It aims to deliver strong returns and an annual performance target of 8.5 percent.

Although launching a fund during a global epidemic may seem like a bad idea, it will be executed correctly. The Fund plans to take advantage of the volatile COVID-19 entertainment industry to invest in safe projects. Investing in smart and small-cost projects while other high-risk ventures must tone down will result in success.

“We can contribute to revitalizing parts of the media sector industry whilst generating our target returns for investors by backing smart people and projects in parts of it which have experienced strong, sustained and, in some cases, record growth over the last 10 years.” said Joseph Kelly, Director of Insight Media Fund. “We rely on Samahoma Media Investors to help us make our choice of who and what to back. More and better content of all kinds — which may not otherwise have seen the light of day — can only be a good thing for everyone”.

As the official investment advisor to Insight Media Fund, the Samohama team makes concrete plans to empower business. Boasting a team full of experienced professionals, this group has proven success for entertainment initiatives. Samahoma CEO Bob Clarke also holds 40 years of leadership experience in media and entertainment ventures.

In fact, one of the backed projects from Insight Media Fund is a virtual reality location-based program. Knowing that social distancing will be around for months, these moves indicate success. Especially because the majority of esports relies on investing, this move is important.

“The virus has condensed 10 years of media sector production, distribution and consumption behaviours and evolution into 10 weeks,” says Bob Clarke, CEO of Samahoma Media Investors. “In doing so it has created a level playing field for smart people with new ideas and lean ways of working to compete with established leviathans across the sector. All they lack is the money to allow their ideas to cut through. Insight Media Fund has been established to back this kind of positive disruption and it is our job to pick potential winners for them, where we can — regardless of their track record or status pre-virus.”

Samahoma Media Advisors work with Insight Media Fund to invest.
Samahoma Media Advisors work with Insight Media Fund to invest.

Image credit to Samahoma.

Should any initiatives in the entertainment, games, or esports industries need a financial boost, Samohama wants to help. Samohama’s website details everything interested parties need to know.

Because of the challenges the world faces during a global pandemic, these funding rounds come at a great time. Businesses that would otherwise be limited by finances can seek help. The esports and gaming industries may be succeeding now, but with help from Samahoma Media Investors and the Insight Media Fund, more growth may be seen.

Written by Justin Amin

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