Riot Games introduces new Champion Select mute and report system


Last Monday, Riot Games announced a new in-game feature for League of Legends. A League of Legends Champion Select mute and report system will be included. This feature will give players the ability to mute and report other players during the champion selection phase. This implementation helps Riot Games rid League of Legends of toxicity. This alteration takes place in Patch 10.14, but will only be available for North America and Korean servers.

Players will be able to mute other players during the champion select phase. The mute will carry out during the game and will also mute future encounters with the muted player. Players will also be able to report other players during the same phase. This implementation is targeting the general toxicity in League of Legends. The idea is that if a player can silence a griefer or troll before the game starts, it will promote healthier gameplay overall and help eliminate further encounters. The fresh new game feature will be available in North America and Korea in the upcoming patch 10.14. This approach is mainly due to the mass amount of players and the range in skill difference in both regions.

Riot Games, will test the waters and are open for alterations with this new feature. In a blog post, Riot Games stated, “If post-game lobby muting ends up being more important than other experiments we’re working on, we’ll prioritize it.” This statement means that Riot Games is open for feedback in regards to this approaching update, and if players seek lobby muting to be included as well, then it won’t be an impossible task for Riot Games.

Overall, the new change is a much-needed one. The ability to mute and report a teammate before the game has even started promises a healthier game. Riot Games continues to exceed expectations, and because of it, League of Legends continues to evolve and become a better game. No given date has been provided, but the patch is most likely to come within a couple of months.

Written by Jay Hunter

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