Riot Games announces networking partnership with Cisco


Riot Games and Cisco just announced the details of their partnership agreement. Riot Games can now use huge networking resources across the planet to improve the competitive environment of its games and propose a better broadcasting experience for fans.

With many tournaments going online, it is no surprise to see a developer like Riot Games wanting to improve their networking capabilities. Furthermore, with the brand new League of Legends platform LoL Esports, huge resources are required to make it run smoothly.

Riot Games has worldwide ambitions and needs a secure and efficient network to create innovative events. However, it is easier to secure a partnership with an expert in this area than to build everything from the ground up. Cisco provides the League of Legends developer with secure, flexible, and accessible networks all around the globe.

Without any need for hardware upgrades, Riot Games will deploy over 200 tournament game servers to regional studios. Through Cisco’s new technology, players receive reduced latency and broadcast centers find a better working environment. This solution will last long into the future since it allows for newly implemented applications to easily receive the same treatment.

LoL The Realm
LoL The Realm

Image credits to Riot Games

Cisco provided “The Realm”, a brand new game server with sub-1ms ping. Because every second matters in League of Legends, this server will help.

This new asset will be used for three major global events, All-Star Event, Mid-Season Invitational, and 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Though this may change in the future, this technology will probably not hit all servers.

Riot Games hopes to triple its assets online and create a huge archive. Thanks to this archive supporting content distribution and media processing, Cisco’s storage solutions can help make this a reality.

“As a sport completely reliant on technology, it is essential that League of Legends runs on a trusted and reliable network,” Riot Games’ Esports Tech Lead Scott Adametz said. “With Cisco as a partner, we now are able to build and expand the infrastructure necessary to deliver the best esports experience possible for fans and professional players all over the world.”

Riot Games is carefully planning its future and innovating. Partnering with Cisco is a huge decision that opens many paths to take. As a result, the game developer can now completely focus on content and tournaments.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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