Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 utility meta and Jager rework


Ubisoft just shared the latest designer notes on Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 and its current utility meta. Along with combatting the current problem in Rainbow Six esports, the Y5S4 preseason patch notes also plans to rework Jager and many other operators.

For the past year, Rainbow Six Siege players struggled in-game and in the esports scene with the utility meta. It became commonplace for the game to start revolving around operator utility rather than gunplay. Ubisoft noted this and explains the changes it plans to make in the Y5S4 preseason.

The biggest problem with the R6 esports utility meta lies with how much value Rainbow Six Siege Defender operators bring to the team. Compared to other gadgets, even the best Attackers struggle to get through how many traps are thrown on the map. In response, Ubisoft plans to nerf many defenders including a rework to Jager.

The nerfs to defenders in Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 come in the form of reducing the number of projectile-denying gadgets. Specifically, Jager, Wamai, and Aruni saw balances with this in mind.

In his new rework, Jager’s ADS gadget can only catch one projectile every 10 seconds. This increases the number of projectiles that attackers can safely use knowing the constraint. Since a big problem in the utility meta comes from not being able to destroy defender gadgets, nerfing those gadgets should help change the meta.

Other Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 preseason changes include Echo’s Yokai drones becoming visible, customization to Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets, Ashe getting an extra breaching round in exchange for less damage, and many more operator updates. The Skyscraper map is even seeing a rework to better modernize the map. Players and fans can find the patch notes on Ubisoft’s website.

After announcing Aruni, the new Rainbow Six Siege operator, last week, fans thought the new operator would cause more problems. She does boast a gadget that creates impenetrable lasers, which adds to the problem. This preseason update shows how much Ubisoft cares about the state and meta of Rainbow Six Siege, especially since the company recently revealed the Tachanka rework.

This next season will make a big difference in the state of R6 Siege esports as Ubisoft breaks the utility meta with the help of a Jager rework. Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 is available on the test servers today for players to try Aruni and the other new changes.

Written by Justin Amin

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