PUBG Mobile Pro League goes online


Because of the COVID-19 situation, all esports events are shifting from live to an online format. For instance, the Fortnite World Cup and Dota 2’s The International have already announced their decisions. As for Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile, PUBG Corporation has announced the shifting of PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 1 to online standards. As a result, the South and North American PMPL is going to start on June 6 and end on June 28. In order to showcase more matches, a Scrims format will make an apparition across the four regions.

“In order to ensure the safety of everyone, which is of paramount importance to us, we have decided to completely reimagine the first season of the PMPL Americas as an online competition,” said James Yang, director of PUBG Mobile global esports

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he added that “While this has not been a decision we’ve taken lightly, we do think it also generates new opportunities and exciting avenues for teams to gain even more exposure, while enjoying an improved format and quality, with a new exciting twist to it!”

James Wang acknowledged the uniqueness of the situation and expressed the main reason for this change, Safety. However, he also said that this new challenge can come up with advantages in the end. Shifting resources invested in renting a stadium for example to improve broadcast quality and consumer experience will for sure bring new fans to esports. As mobile esports is a huge industry, making the consumer at the base of esports is a wise decision.

Starting May 7, PMPL Americas Scrims will take place and broadcast matches four days per week. A daily prize pool is already planned for viewers to win. A new feature called “On Fire Card” will also make an apparition. It is a possibility for teams to double their kill points or gain fifty percent more placement points. It will only be available on weekend competitions and will be usable once per day. The top teams of the PUBG Mobile World League online will secure their participation in the PUBG Mobile World League. Despite its cancelation, the World League is still the next step to take to reach the World Championship. The Worlds, having a prize pool of $5 million, is the ultimate tournament for teams to participate in.

As PUBG corporation is still offering updates for PUBG Mobile mainstream players, its esports scene is now facing an important change. By having online assets like its Youtube channel, PUBG Corporation will be able to secure success for its future online tournament.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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