PUBG Mobile fan-favorite player awards 2020


PUBG Mobile wraps up its esports year by announcing the fan-favorite player awards from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2020.

While the PUBG Mobile Global Championship raged on this year, one of the most awaited fan events took place. The voting for the fan-favorite player awards for PUBG Mobile esports took place and the five winners are out.

Each PUBG Mobile region could award one fan-favorite player award. The possible regions are Southeast Asia, South Asia, EMEA, Americas, and Wildcard. And although many PMGC players deserved the award, only five made it through the voting period to be crowned yesterday.

From the Americas region: A7 Esports Vitor “ViTU2K” Stavarengo.

The EMEA region crowns: Natus Vincere Dmytro “OldBoy” Bui

In South Asia: A1 Esports Abdul “SiNiSTER” Jabbar Shakil

The Southeast Asia winner: Bigetron Esports Muhammad “Ryzen” Albi

And from the Wildcard region: Zeus Esports Dulaanjargal “Abely” Nymlkhagva

Recently, PUBG Mobile esports made headlines as it announced a special 2021 esports program. On top of that, it looks to be the biggest series run for the mobile game yet. The 2021 PUBG Mobile esports program boasts a $14 million prize pool.

As mobile esports keeps thriving and growing so too does the opportunity for fan engagement. PMGC’s fan-favorite player awards are one of the best ways to commemorate active contributors to the PUBG Mobile scene. Who knows who will win the fan-favorite player award in the 2021 esports season?

Written by Justin Amin

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