Overwatch League Playoffs 2020 details finally revealed

Blizzard just revealed many details on the upcoming Overwatch League Playoffs 2020. For the first time in its history, this tournament will be held online. It was a hard decision to make considering the fans’ devotion but the pandemic made it quite mandatory. As it will be the first OWL Playoffs going online, fans were kept in the dark as to what the format will look like until now. Starting on September 3, twenty teams from North American and Asia Pacific are going to face each other to crown a team that will join the San Francisco Shock and the London Spitfire in history.

Overwatch League Playoffs 2020

Overwatch League Playoffs 2020 features two different brackets, one for NA and the other for APAC. The North American bracket includes thirteen teams, with among them some of the best teams in the world:

On the other bracket, only seven teams from Asia Pacific are going to face each other to make history once again:

On September 3, all those squads will be seeded based on how they performed during the regular seasons before clashing against each other in both brackets. Furthermore, like in any other tournaments, the best seeded teams have some advantages, like picking maps first or choosing their opponents. These fourteen days of competition will decide which two teams in each bracket will advance to the final four competition.

Final Four

These four teams will face each other in a double-elimination tournament, ending with the championship match. In order to make the final match as fair as possible, Blizzard decided to make the these teams play on the same server. As a result, North American teams will have to fly to Asia to participate in the final rounds.

However, in the official website post, Blizzard announced that OWL’s organizers need some weeks to prepare a safe location, including setting up health and safety measures. Even though teams will compete in the same servers, players, coaches, staffs, and organizers are going to work remotely.

If travelling is out of the equation, the Overwatch League will crown two regional champions instead. This shows that organizers are planning for many unexpected situations and creating backup plans accordingly. Nonetheless, one thing remains in every plans, safety.

Overwatch League Playoffs are known to be an amazing in-arena spectacle. Shifting the format to online brings many challenges to create a memorable experience for fans. Organizers stated that they have plans to make this tournament special and fans will be looking forward to experiencing those.

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