Overwatch Hero Pool features an Echo Ban


Echo is a new hero that has just been added to the game a week ago. This DPS character has high damage output while having fast mobility options. Fans have been enjoying playing her but feared that she might end up banned. Despite having counters, Echo is still one of the most played characters since its release. However, fans know what is the future of heroes that are too popular. In order for Blizzard to create diversity, they pick four characters that competitive players can not use each week. For the week of April 20, Echo, Tracer, Orisa, and Moira are banned from the competitive Overwatch scene.

The Overwatch Hero Pool is a system that picks overpowered characters and prevents pro players from using those. Blizzard considers that a hero is too strong when it has a very high pick rate in high-level games. For this week, here are the four characters that are on the Overwatch Hero Pool:

Echo ban
Echo ban

Image credits to Overwatch

Tracer, Moira, and Orisa are heroes that have experienced being banned more than once. On high-ELO games, players are facing them all the time. However, the presence of Echo came as a surprise for a lot of fans. Players were not expecting a character that has been playable for only a week to get banned that fast. After all, Echo has been released after a lot of beta testing and was unveiled two years before as a character. This time would normally allow Blizzard to make good decision-making regarding the balance of this hero.

There is one certainty: only a week of playing is not enough to secure a ban for a character. In the past, heroes that have been banned had a long history. Usually, fans are complaining about them on social networks and casters are advising for or against a possible ban for them. In the case of Echo, no one could have expected it. This surprise turned into a disappointment for a lot of players as they wanted to see Echo more used in tournaments.

As her Overwatch League debut should have been in the very near future, it is a decent possibility that this Overwatch hero ban is due to timing. Having players wait for their favorite hero to make an entrance builds up hype. We are really close to the release of Overwatch 2 and doing this might be one of the only ways to create excitement for fans.

Written by Charles Fuster

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