Over 10,000 cheaters banned by VALORANT’s Vanguard


For developers, having an open beta period means that they can rely on players to find out what part of the game needs to be fixed. However, there is a particular situation that can turn an open beta into a nightmare. It is when a feature or a bug is so omnipresent that it drives people away from the game. When it happens, beta players will obviously focus on reporting this aspect more than others. For VALORANT, it was how Riot Games handled cheating. The studio went from not really banning cheaters to cutting beta key access. During an update to the Vanguard system, the data on previous cheaters did not go through. Despite this rough start, it seems like Vanguard is finally working well as it recorded over 10 thousand bans.

According to the specialized anti-cheat engineer Phillip Koskinas, two ban waves have been effective at removing 8873 and over 1600 cheaters from VALORANT. Being able to reassure the community about its engagement to fight cheating is a huge step to promote a healthier game.

The Vanguard system had the chance to get some visibility from a popular Twitch Streamer. Spencer “Hiko” Martin was able to capture this banning system in action. Once VALORANT’s Vanguard detected a cheater, a window appeared that alerts everyone that a player has been detected and kicked accordingly.

When Vanguard said that “This banwave is still only the beginning”, fans expected to see some amazing new features. Shortly after the first ban wave, “Soulbans” were finally introduced into the game. This additional precaution should prevent cheaters from trying to ruin other players’ experiences again. If a player is caught cheating, all of its present and future accounts will be banned, likely related to the player’s IP. There might be a slight chance for cheaters to achieve salvation at the final release of the game, but there is no certainty of it.

VALORANT cheaters
VALORANT cheaters

Image credits to VALORANT

As cheaters’ ingenuity is rising to face any games’ banning system, VALORANT’s Vanguard looks at least like an enough dissuasive threat.

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