Operation Shadow Legacy Full Reveal for R6 Siege


Ubisoft had big news for the Rainbow Six community during the Operation Shadow Legacy update announcement. In addition to bringing the first crossover character, Sam Fisher, to the team Rainbow Roster, there are tons of new quality of life updates incoming. Ubisoft has announced plans to launch match replay on the test servers, reworked Chalet, introduced new gadgets and sights, rework Thatcher’s EMP, and introduced new accessibility settings. There are also some other updates, and new siege apps coming as well.

The most anticipated part of this update seems to be the new replay system. Players will be able to view their last 12 matches in every perspective possible. Spectator mode is available and players can see the view of any teammate or enemy player. The replay system is currently only planned on the test server in an “Alpha phase” and Ubisoft is asking players to provide feedback and bug reports. A new “Watch” tab will be added to the menu for players to access the new system.

Ubisoft has also reworked Chalet in order to make the map more playable. Only one objective has been moved, the bomb in the trophy room will now be located in the dining room. A new window has also been added above the garage in order to give defenders a new way to slow attackers. A new staircase has also been added connecting the trophy room to the second floor. Attackers can also rappel to and walk on the roof.


Some attackers will now have access to a new hard breaching tool. The secondary gadget is slow to deploy but will open a square hole in reinforced walls and hatches. In an attempt to unify Thatcher’s EMP, the device will now only disable gadgets instead of destroying them. There are also new sights coming to the game, at 1.5x and 2.0x zoom. The red dot and holographic sights are also receiving a rework and the ACOG will now have 2.5x zoom. With so many new changes to sights, players will be able to customize each zoom sensitivity individually in their settings.

Players will also be able to customize their sight colors through new accessibility settings. Furthermore, players will have the option to adjust the opacity of their reticles. There will also be colorblind settings to help players enjoy the game to the fullest.

Defenders will also have a better game with a shared pool of reinforcements. Each team will have 10 reinforcements to deploy even if a player leaves or is disconnected. Ubisoft is also testing a new system where all roof hatches will be automatically reinforced. Although this change is not set in stone, it may have a huge impact on how the game is played.

The new Ping 2.0 system is also set to launch with Operation Shadow Legacy. The system will automatically show what devices a player pings and can be used on cameras. By pinging a device, attackers can also reveal defender identities to their team. The yellow pings will also be numbered for each player throughout a match.

Teams will also be able to ban maps in both ranked and unranked mode. Three maps from the pool will be randomly selected and each team can ban one. Map ban may be introduced to casual at a later time.

Ubisoft has also announced two new apps to make Rainbow Six more enjoyable. The first is MySiegeStats, which will allow players to lookup more detailed player statistics. This will launch with Shadow Legacy. The second app is Squad Finder, and is live right now. The app will grab your stats and help you find similar players to squad up with.


Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy is filled to the brim with plenty of changes. Players will be able to experience them all on the Test Servers tomorrow. New players can also play for free from August 27th to September 4th.

Written by Efren Hurtado

The latest, most exciting esports news and stories.

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