New York Subliners to host $100K Warzone tournament


New York Subliners owning company Andbox just announced a Call of Duty Warzone tournament in December. Some of the best Warzone players will compete in “NYSL’s $100,000 WarzoneMania.”

While many Call of Duty League teams use this period to reinforce their rosters or make major decisions, others provide entertaining experiences for Call of Duty fans. The New York Subliners even launched a telephone hotline to celebrate the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War before announcing this event.

It starts with the selection of eight captains by fans via social media. Even though it is more of a popularity contest, “Clayster”, “Vikkstar”, “Symfuhny”, and “Swagg” already confirmed their participation. The New York Subliners will choose the remaining four captains.

New York Subliners Warzone tournament
New York Subliners Warzone tournament

Image credits to New York Subliners

Then, on December 1, all captains will participate in a live draft to select their players. To help create an exciting tournament, many popular players in the esports scene will participate.

“some of the top players and content creators from the Call of Duty community, all of who have been assembled specifically for this competition,” was stated by the organizer.

The draft will be streamed on Twitch by Chris Puckett, who is also hosting The Gamer Hour. This should build up hype before the New York Subliners Warzone tournament finally starts off at Verdansk from December 10 to 12.

This all-star cast should pick the interest of many fans. Teams will fight for a $100 thousand prize pool, but $25 thousand will be given away to fans who are attending the event. Call of Duty fans will see their share of excitement, high-level plays, and entertainment from WarzoneMania. As for Andbox and the New York Subliners, this Warzone tournament will be an occasion to experiment.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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