Nerd Street Gamers starts 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour


Today, Nerd Street Gamers announced it will handle the first stage Challengers and Masters esports events of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). Selected as the official operator and producer, the company will lead everything from registrations to orchestrating upcoming events. Leading the competitive run, Nerd Street Gamers will be operating from January to March.

VALORANT Champions Tour is the perfect competitive year-long series that provides opportunities for amateur and professional teams. Divided into three main levels of competitions, Challengers, Masters and Champions, players worldwide can participate without any boundaries. Of course, more amateur teams will start at the bottom level, but considering the competitive series’ free nature, everyone has potential.

When 2021 ends, the best teams that qualify from the lower tournaments will clash it out at the final competition. Champions tournament will feature sixteen teams, twelve invited and four who qualified by climbing previous events.

Nerd Street Gamers will lead the tournament series with the first stage of Challengers and Masters events. The first Challengers competition begins on January 27 at 4 PM PST. Although no official schedules have been given, the Masters event will commence in March. As the first stage draws to a close, the next official esports operators will be announced for the second stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour.

In a release, John Fazio, CEO of Nerd Street Gamers, spoke on the collaboration announcement. He states his excitement, gratitude and vision for the first stage of the series.

“It’s an honor to be a part of VALORANT’s growth since its launch last summer.” John said. “Riot Games’ efforts to provide opportunities for all gamers aligns with our own mission and further expands the esports landscape. We are incredibly proud of the work we’ve done with Riot, including powering the first North American Ignition Series and hosting the largest all-women VALORANT tournament. Producing the inaugural Champions Tour takes our collaboration to the next level and cements a foundation for the long term growth and sustainability of the path-to-pro ecosystem.”

VCT, the first stage of VALORANT esports’ competitive series is right around the corner. Additionally, a well-recognized and esteemed company is taking the initial reigns, which means a great start. Subsequently, Nerd Street Gamers collaborated with Riot Games in the past on several events throughout the VALORANT Ignition Series, meaning a profound level of professionalism in production and more. Overall, fans can only expect the best as VALORANT Champions Tour kicks off next week.

Written by Jay Hunter

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