Neekolul, viral internet star, signed by 100 Thieves

Content creator and partnered Twitch streamer Nicole “Neekolul” revealed today her signing with 100 Thieves. She made the announcement on Twitter earlier today.

100 Thieves Neekolul

Even before a viral video, she showed strong numbers as an English and Spanish Twitch streamer. Focusing on League of Legends, she now has 174 thousand followers at the time of this writing. What’s more, the internet star furthers the right cause. Fans and streamers alike appreciate that Neekolul uses her voice to empower women in esports and grow Spanish culture.

“We were all personal fans of Neeko’s streams and videos, and we have been continuously impressed by her success on social media, which is why we’re so excited to welcome her to 100 Thieves.” said 100 Thieves CEO and founder Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag. “I know she is going to fit in perfectly at 100 Thieves, and we’re looking forward to seeing her grow more as a content creator with us.”

Entering 100 Thieves

The organization’s recent headline involves the reveal of the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound, a state of the art facility. Currently, 100T holds esports rosters in League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, and the recent jump to VALORANT.

Her success as a content creator brought will surely take 100 Thieves even further in esports. Fans are excited to see the organization’s next move and how Neekolul will advance her streaming career.

Written by Justin Amin

The latest, most exciting esports news and stories.

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