NBA 2K esports tournament features NBA players


The Coronavirus pandemic is critically impacting all areas of regular sports entertainment. As social distancing is now more important than ever, the NBA decided that something had to be done. Fans knew that some brainstorming need to be done in order for the NBA to keep close relations with its community. After all, players competing amongst themselves will create some unique feelings and excitement. It’s a chance for the NBA to have a medium that reflects the reality of the field as much as possible.

A lot of fans would love to see their favorite players in a new light and this 2K esports tournament might be an opportunity to create a new kind of bond between players and supporters. The tournament will be on the NBA 2K20 game and will feature some of the best athletes in basketball, like the double Finals MVP Kevin Durant or Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell. Fans will be able to spectate this tournament on ESPN starting this Friday.

Some details are still in discussion. In some ways, it’s also a trial. If this 2K esports tournament is a success, there might be a way to implement this new form of content permanently. This would be ideal in an NBA off-season. With the NBA superstars promoting this event, it will definitely be something to look forward to. Fox Sports did something similar that saw a huge success regarding NASCAR and the NFL.

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Written by Charles FUSTER

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