Lillia, League of Legends new champion, full reveal

Riot Games makes esports news with the reveal of Lillia, League of Legends’ new champion. The video game developer revealed the new champion after releasing Sett in January. Lillia, the bashful bloom, is a champion who focuses on putting her opponents to sleep and draining their dreams. She excels at crowd control, burst damage, and mobility.

New League of Legends Champion

League of Legends Lillia, full abilities revealed.

Lillia Abilities

She is the perfect hit-and-run champion since half of her abilities provide movement speed. Lillia’s abilities revolve around putting enemies to sleep, slowing enemies down, and dealing consistent damage. Lillia’s lane roles heavily point towards mid or support as her skills aid teammates more than they do extreme offensive plays.

Passive — Dream-Laden Bough

Lillia’s abilities apply Dream Dust, dealing a portion of the target’s maximum health as damage over a duration.

Q — Blooming Blows

Dealing magic damage, Lillia swings her branch around in a circle and strikes nearby opponents. If she hits an opponent, she gains movement speed. Enemies hit with the outer edge of the circle take true damage instead.

W — Watch Out! Eep!

Lillia winds up her branch for a massive strike that deals magical damage to enemies in a circular area. She gains movement speed if enemies get hit.

E — Swirlseed

Slowing down foes, Lillia throws a Swirlseed in a particular direction that lowers enemies’ movement speed and does magical damage. If she misses, it will continue to roll down unless an enemy is hit or collides with the terrain.

R — Lilting Lullaby

Lillia casts a lullaby on opponents affected by her passive, Dream Dust. The lullaby slows down opponents and puts them to sleep after a short duration. Once awakened, those opponents will take additional magic damage.

Lillia in League of Legends Esports

Lillia’s abilities make her out as an engaged, an offensive burster, or even a tanky frontline crowd control specialist. However, that depends on how players will build the new League of Legends champion. Nonetheless, Lillia is a perfect example of champion build flexibility. This unique aspect will create new strategies and refresh the current meta. Similarly to how burst mage Ekko saw success as a tank, she may experience the same. This also leads players to be more team-oriented and adaptive.

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