Latest updates to CS:GO Tuscan Map remake


The creators and authors of the famous Counter-Strike 1.6 Tuscan Map, revealed the latest developments on the beta version of the CS:GO map through a trailer on YouTube.

In September last year, the creators and developers failed to agree about the ownership of the remake version of Tuscan. With some disputes settled now, the new map brings much-awaited changes to the CS:GO map pool.

The beta trailer shows the breakthroughs the team at Valve has already made. Chances are they have already resolved the underpinning issues behind their earlier disagreements. Indeed, map designer Catfood disclosed that they reached a consensus. They are currently reworking the initial CS 1.6 Tuscan Map together to fit CS:GO.

In previous versions of Counter-Strike, the Tuscan map was popular among most players. But it did not launch officially on CS:GO because of the tug of war between Valve and Brute and Catfood (the creators). Seemingly, Brute is now developing the layout of the map while Guitars and Catfood design and style the environmental art.

Tuscan is a legendary map from Counter-Strike 1.6 that never made its official entry to CS:GO. Brute, one of the initial Tuscan creators, created the map from as early as 2007. The map was quite popular previously and CS:GO players can’t wait to see the map in-game.

Four months down the line after the last news about the remake of CS 1.6 Tuscan, the creators revealed that the map will soon be available on the FACEIT platform. The current beta version of the map is a work-in-progress, and the colorful textures as shown in the closed beta trailer shows that Tuscan remains true to its iconic stature. As the developers continue to work, playtests take place on an invitation-only basis. Brute and Catfood are also looking for esports and top players to test the CS:GO map in its upcoming closed beta.

The developers are still creating and fixing textures and specific elements. Based on the video, fans see the overall picture, but it will still take a few months before the Tuscan map is officially launched on CS:GO. The YouTube video shows a fascinating layout of detonation zones, access points, and lots of other exciting locations.

Despite the latest developments and hints, nobody is sure when to expect the official launch. Looking at the current state, things are heading in the right direction, but the developers at Valve still have coding, designing, and editing to do. Fans can’t wait to see when the new Tuscan map will hit CS:GO and how it will affect esports.

Written by Daniella Johnson

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