LA Valiant announces Overwatch esports Winter Ball


As the Overwatch League continues its off-season, fans can look forward to some esports action next weekend. Overwatch League team LA Valiant announced their Valiant Winter Ball today. The event will feature numerous activities, including a competitive showmatch featuring four OWL teams. Not only will this event be entertaining for viewers, but it should give the new rosters an opportunity to hone in on their skills before the start of the 2021 season.

Fans can watch the event exclusively on the official LA Valiant YouTube channel on December 12 and 13. The festivities will include an art and fashion showcase, an exhibition match featuring former pros and influencers, workshop mode gameplay, and the highly anticipated competitive showmatch. The 2021 rosters for the Los Angeles Valiant, Florida Mayhem, Los Angeles Gladiators, and the Atlanta Reign will all face off. The exact start times for each of these matches have yet to be announced.

In addition to being a much-needed event for OWL fans during the off-season, the Valiant Winter Ball also has some important effects for the 2021 season commences. As of the Twitter announcement regarding the event, the Florida Mayhem have not announced their roster for the upcoming season. It looks like the Mayhem will almost certainly announce their lineup before the event, although they themselves seem unsure.

It’s also possible that the Mayhem will use the event to announce their Overwatch esports roster live. This may also be the case with some other teams as well. Atlanta Reign seems to be keeping their lineup under wraps for the time being.

All of the competitors will also have a unique opportunity thanks to the event. Valiant Winter Ball should give teams a chance to test run their rosters in a real world setting without having an impact on their 2021 standing. Although teams practice year-round, the event will allow four Overwatch League teams a chance to hone their communication skills, and observe their opponents’ weaknesses. Although the event is simply a showmatch, coaches and players will certainly take notes for the 2021 OWL season.

Valiant Winter Ball is sponsored by Frontier Communications, one of the LA Valiant’s top sponsors, and does not appear to have any official Overwatch League backing. Although there are some important details missing from the announcement and subsequent messaging, there will likely be more info on the LA Valiant Twitter page as the event approaches.

Written by Efren Hurtado

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