International esports organization Rogue rebrands logo


This morning, international esports organization Rogue surprised the industry by announcing the company’s rebrand and new logo.

Owned by ReKTGlobal, a premier esports organization, Rogue’s new logo looks to modernize gaming and competition. Claiming that the org evolved throughout the difficulties of 2020, the new look captures the new feelings from Rogue.

From starting as a challenger to becoming a renowned legacy team, Rogue felt this was the time to reveal the new branding project. Most importantly, the team behind the changes is proud of where plans went. Now, the new logo and rebrand truly fit a top tier esports organization with multiple teams like Rogue.

With the momentum we gained over the past year, we felt like this was the right time to reimagine the Rogue brand,” Anna Baumann, executive vice president of esports at ReKTGlobal, said. “This process was both exciting and terrifying — we know how deep the passion and love for our brand runs in our fans, so we worked hard to keep the essence of the Rogue logo, while modernizing it.”

Among Rogue’s many esports teams, its League of Legends one is the most notable. The team even made it to Worlds 2020 in the group stage. But its Rainbow Six Siege esports team caught fire recently when Rogue was punished for matchfixing. New evidence surfaced from an older match in April, showing evidence of two the team’s players caught matchfixing.

Recently, many esports teams and organizations came out with new logo designs and rebrands. European team Excel Esports revealed its changes back in November. Even just last week, FunPlus Phoenix, the winner of Worlds 2019, announced that it will rebrand. FPX even used that momentum to reveal the new acquisition of a CS:GO team. Seeing the rebrand from Rogue, fans wonder which team will follow suit next.

Written by Justin Aminced

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