Grim replaces nitr0 in Team Liquid CS:GO lineup


Nicholas “nitr0” Canella will be benched for the next DreamHack Open. Team Liquid plans to replace him with Michael “Grim” Wince for the next big event. Even though his performances during the last twelve months have been disappointing, it still made esports news. Despite the change being only for the next DreamHack event, something else leads fans to believe otherwise. Nitr0 uploaded a tweet, revealing that it might actually be the end for him with Team Liquid in CS:GO esports.

The legacy he created with Team Liquid is huge, especially in 2019. That year, Team Liquid nitr0 smashed the competition and helped win ESL One Cologne, IEM Sydney, and ESL Pro League Season 9. He was one of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive AWP players in the world. Last year, it would be unbelievable for him to be replaced.

Team Liquid decided to take action because of his disappointing performances in 2020. Rumors state that the organization started a discussion with him about a potential replacement a few weeks ago. After five years of loyal service, it may be the end of the road for nitr0. But he will still be loved by TL’s fans around the world for what he brought to the table.

Team Liquid also has a name in mind to replace him. Michael “Grim” Wince’s outstanding performances with Triumph at cs_summit 6 cemented this choice. His game against MIBR is still one of the best overall performances for a single match. After competing for Dignitas, Spacestation Gaming, SoaR, and Triumph, Grim will start for one of the best CS:GO teams on the esports scene.

The confirmation comes from Team Liquid itself.

“We can confirm that Grim will be starting for Team Liquid at Dreamhack next weekend.” said Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid. “We’re not ready to share more at the moment, but we will have more to share with the community soon.”

Feeling that fans might be confused with this choice, Team Liquid Co-CEO Steve Arhancet posted a short Twitter video to explain the team’s decision. This was the only team that stayed together since December 2019 with the addition of Jacky “Stewie2k” Yip.

Grim will have to fill a huge role with the departure of nitr0. Team Liquid fans are still not over his loss but want their favorite team to win nonetheless. DreamHack Open Summer, Pro League Season 12, and ESL One Cologne will be the occasions for Grim to showcase his talents and win some hearts.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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