Glytch announces major esports and gaming arenas


Tech startup Glytch just announced the first in a series of major esports venues across North America. Starting with a Los Angeles location, the company aims to redefine the esports and gaming experience with high-tech arenas.

Previously only known to esports insiders, the company’s premier venue in Los Angeles will launch during Q2 of 2022. These areas and venues are planned to be of a large scale between 50,000 to 70,000 square feet. Seating thousands of fans and boasting dynamic staging, Glytch is aiming for only the best with their arenas.

“The current ‘state of the art’ in food service at esports venues seems to be soft drinks and snacks,” said Michael Williams, CEO and Founder of Glytch. “Esports should not be defined as sitting in one place for eight hours at a time. Instead, esports should have a high-energy atmosphere with all kinds of dining, attractions and entertainment options to choose from.”

As mentioned by CEO and Founder Michael, Glytch wants to change the nature and conception of gaming arenas. Instead of marketing it as a sedentary occasion where fans watch games, he wants the fans to become immersed in the event. Exciting features like virtual reality simulators, escape rooms, drone racing, upscale dining, and classic arcades will deck arenas out. By adding these high-energy thrills, fans will want to attend the arena for more than just watching video games.

Glytch plans to introduce new esports and gaming arenas.

Image credit to Glytch.

The company will see strong management right off the bat with experienced leaders. Michael recently owned GameWorks and previously helped develop video games. Kathryn Raphael, former Apple Genius program manager, and Pavel Murnikov, Blizzard senior executive/Major League Gaming CTO, are Michael’s co-founding partners.

Liquid2 Ventures is the lead investor in Glytch and not a new one to esports. They contributed to early funding of Clou9, one of esports’ most notable organizations. Other notable investors include Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin.

Glytch’s design and constructino partner, Scenario, is a long-standing brand with significant contributions. Scenario has worked with Disney and Universal park in the past. They even did the design-build of Lionsgate World, the world’s first “vertical theme park.” Fans must wait to see how Glytch reinvents gaming and esports arenas as more news comes out.

Written by Justin Amin

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