Faze Studios announced by FaZe Clan and Sugar23


Avoiding intermediaries and directly bringing your offer to the customer is called the “Over The Top method. OTT strategies are used when a company wants to master its value chain. Mastering the value chain means more profits and less dependency on a potential contractor. Disney+ and Netflix are perfect examples of companies that have an OTT platform as part of their core business. Content creation has come a long way and fans are now expecting creations directly made for them. It is with this in mind that FaZe Clan has partnered with Sugar23 in order to create their own gaming streaming platform: FaZe Studio.

FaZe Studios platform
FaZe Studios platform

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One of the most important points when creating a business is answering unsatisfied customer’s needs. When analyzing the FaZe Clan press release about FaZe Studios, it is clear that they plan on offering content never seen before on the market.

“Creating compelling content has always been at the center of FaZe Clan’s identity, so this is a natural progression for us,” said Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan. “Throughout our 10-year history, FaZe Clan has been connecting with an enormous youth culture audience that eludes many of the traditional entertainment players. It’s an audience that behaves and consumes differently and requires dynamic thinking. Michael and his team at Sugar23 completely understand that. Working in tandem with Oluwafemi Okusanya who helms FaZe Clan’s content team, FaZe Studios is the evolutionary step in delivering new types of content to our audience. We don’t believe youth culture has abandoned long-form content but they want content that uniquely speaks to them.”

It is also an opportunity for FaZe clan to diversify its business and gain recognition from a more mainstream population.

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Image for post

Image credits to Sugar23

FaZe Studios will offer “Culturally impactful” TV shows and movies tailored for a younger audience. By creating specific content that will make their way into customers’ hearts, they plan to develop a platform for their future. FaZe Clan’s experience as an esports team centered around content creation is unparalleled in the market. Both Sugar23 and FaZe Clan are taking risks by wanting to get an industry-leading spot. The “FaZe” name in esports can be used to gather partnerships for all kinds of projects. In that case, they decided to choose Sugar23. Sugar23 will take care of running development operations when FaZe will focus on content.

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