Fandom Esports levels up with new app and leadership


FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp. recently revealed its latest esports app is in the beta phase. The app will revolutionize gamification for esports predictions and engagement.

This move comes after FANDOM SPORTS saw a large change in leadership. President and CEO David Vinokurov, Games Advisor Guy Ben-dov, and Chairman of the Board Philip Chen recently took charge, redoing the company.

From launching in 2006, FANDOM SPORTS has gone through a number of changes in its business. Currently, the company aims to use its app to contribute to fans playing, spectating, and betting on esports using cryptocurrency.

FANDOM SPORTS announced on May 20 that its legal team is looking into expanding its iGaming licensing on a global scale. Fandom Sports tapped on the service of Segev LLP, a firm known for specialization in gaming, betting, esports, and video games, to review the esports licensing requirement on markets like China.

“Crystallized actions are starting to ramp up at Fandom Sports.” said David Vinokurov, CEO Fandom Sports. “We have a full pipeline of noteworthy developments and are currently in discussions with numerous potential partners and Esports service organizations. We are working diligently at compounding our valuation by working in parallel on both our all ages and pure play wagering verticals. The Esports betting sector continues to heat up and corporate valuations are escalating as a result. The timing could not be better for the Fandom Esports brand.”

FANDOM SPORTS plans to thrive with Google Cloud to support its programs, including the FanCoin dual ecosystem, geofencing, and Chinese language customer support. Implementing these strategies through Google Cloud can tremendously increase the company’s online presence

FANDOM adopts FanCoin as its cryptography secured in-game coin. Supported by Blaze blockchain technology, FanCoin ensures that all players will have a secured transaction whenever they make a prediction and interact both in the virtual world and real-life events.

Aside from FanCoin, the company plans to implement a second coin iteration for betting. FANDOM will also use geofencing to determine the markets they will cater to and ensure that they comply with all the local regulations.

Fandom Esports looks to big future with new leadership and app.

Image credit to Fandom Esports.

China is the second biggest esports market, next to the US. In 2019, esports accounted for $210 million in revenue in the U.S. In Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, a 39.4 million-square-foot building was built to serve as a hub for esports companies and events. This area is known today as “esport town,” the mecca for esports investors and superfans.

Because of China’s significance in esports, FANDOM’s decision to create Chinese speaking customer support is a move in the right direction. Chinese fans and players will be more comfortable using the Fandom Esports platform since they don’t need to learn the English language to enjoy playing and betting.

Fantasy esports is one of the fastest-growing esports categories today. FANDOM’s technology is well-suited for fantasy esports as it can support a high-volume of microtransactions.
They even made a deal with Decode, a company with proven experience in fantasy gaming, to grow future engagement for the app. Decode also has an established track record in developing a successful and engaging fantasy sports app.

The recent business and technology leadership at FANDOM SPORTS will bring the brand to the forefront of esports. David Vinokurov, Guy Ben-dov, and Philip Chen will empower esports by redoing the FANDOM brand and enabling gamification.

FANDOM SPORTS is giving it all to receive a bigger slice of the esports market. By developing and implementing strategies that can attract various user groups, the company is expected to have more esports engagement upon the Fandom Esports app launch.

Written by Craig Bolin

The latest, most exciting esports news and stories.

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