ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship


Starting tomorrow, the next phase of Rocket League esports and RLCS X continues in Oceania. Specifically, ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship starts the Fall Split Regional Majors.

Previous event winners Cringe Society, Renegades, and Ground Zero Gaming will also participate in this ESL esports event. The regional major starts off with 16 teams in a Swiss format. Prizing boasts a prize pool of $25 thousand with first place taking home $10 thousand.

ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship is a norm for fierce competition and this year is no different. The region is full of talent that frequently takes the top stage. Interestingly, every Oceanic Championship sees a different team winning the event, proving how many strong teams exist there. In order to become the next Regional Major Champion in Oceania, attending teams have a lot to contend for. In particular, teams like Mindfreak, FURY, and Gaming Gamers will make the event exciting to watch.

Fans can’t wait to see the next bout of Rocket League esports and RLCS X in the Oceania region. Especially after Riot Games’ recent announcement regarding the Oceanic Pro League. Riot intends to discontinue the OPL for disappointing results in League of Legends esports. After news of that hit yesterday, this event is very important to the region. It shows that the region isn’t as weak as Riot made it out to be. Rocket League’s success at the 2020 Rocket League Oceanic Championship may make or break the region.

Day 1 of the tournament starts on Friday, October 9 at 5 PM PST, and Day 2 begins Saturday, October 10 at 5 PM PST. Those who want to watch the event live can find it on the Rocket League Oceania Twitch.

Written by Justin Amin

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