Dota 2 The International 10 prize pool blasts through $20 million

The International 10’s prize pool just reached the $20 million mark. The International is the most important Dota 2 tournament of the year and features only the best teams. After Valve announced delaying the event, fans became impatient. However, the release of the new Battle Pass managed to keep them waiting with an enough level of satisfaction. Furthermore, for every Battle Pass Bundles bought by players, there was a bit of revenue transferred to TI10’s cash prize. These bundles went live on June 24 and allowed the event’s cash prize to blast through its previous records at an indecent pace.

Record Breaking

The International 9 already got the previous cash prize record but TI10 will probably say otherwise. The success of this year’s Battle Pass made an enormous difference. Before the release of the new content, this year’s event was only $500 thousand ahead of the previous one. It was clearly a tight race to see which one will definitely hold the record.

Now, the International 10 has a huge lead even before beginning July. TI10’s cash prize reached $20 million almost twenty days ahead of last year’s Battle Pass. When comparing with 2018, it is even more spectacular.

If the 2020 Battle Pass sales follow the usual curve, the final cash prize may hit $40 million, setting a records for year to come as the most important cash prize of all times. Even with a particular environment created because of the pandemic, it is still a big achievement for esports.

TI10’s Battle Pass

The first Battle Pass bundle was available yesterday and will go away on June 29. In this period, it is purchasable up to twice per players. This explained this cash prize’s insanely fast progress. This bundle is composed of 120 Battle Levels and eighteen Immortal Treasures from I to III for $29.99.

In addition, Valve is supposed to keep proposing new content going into July to at least keep a decent pace. So, the next Battle Level Bundles and Immortal Treasure collections is also certified to provide help for setting a record never seen before. For that to happen, TI10 needs to go beyond $34,330,068 in terms of cash prize.

Making public the relation between sales and future cash prize is a great way to educate players. These fans now understand that they can directly contribute to the esports scene. They want to be parts of ground breaking records and history. Valve perfectly understood these feelings and set up a perfect strategy to blast records.

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