Dota 2 2020 Winter Update adds Grandmaster Hero Tiers


The Dota 2 Winter 2020 Update adds new seasonal quests and a new Grandmaster tier to hero levels. The Grandmaster tier now allows Dota Plus subscribers to reach level 30 on their heroes. Players can also purchase a new cosmetic treasure with their Dota Plus shards.

Valve had promised a seasonal update for December 1. Surprisingly, the game company stuck close to its deadline and released Dota 2’s Winter update on time. The new update even adds a Grandmaster tier for heroes.

Dota 2 Plus Winter Update.

Image credits to Valve.

Dota Plus subscribers can now reach level 30 on their favorite heroes (previously level 25). Reaching the Grandmaster tier unlocks new chat wheel voice lines for that particular hero. Any hero challenges completed as a Grandmaster will now reward Dota shards instead of Hero XP.

The Winter 2020 Seasonal Treasure features cosmetic items for Dragon Knight, Puck, Spirit Breaker, Templar Assassin, Earth Spirit, Vengeful Spirit, Luna, Necrophos, Undying, Ember Spirit, and Centaur Warrunner. Lucky users can also get the extremely rare Hermid the Crab courier, which comes with a random prismatic and kinetic gem.

Several new Dota Plus quests now provide up to 115,200 shards over the course of the season. The Dota Plus Winter season will end on March 1st, 2021.

Some of Valve’s latest Dota 2 updates have been aimed at pushing Dota 2 players towards Dota Plus. Dota Plus is a subscription service for in-game Dota 2 content that includes both cosmetics or exclusive features for subscribers.

The Silver, Gold and Platinum tier guild rewards have also been changed for the current season.

Silver Tier:

  • guildbanner: emoticon.
  • dazzle_shrug: emoticon.
  • pump_glad: emoticon.

Gold Tier:

  • Happy Tree” spray.
  • “Earthshaker Dunk” spray.
  • “Chicken” spray.

Platinum Tier:

  • “The next level play!” chat wheel.
  • “啊,队友呢?队友呢?队友呢?! 队友呢?!?!” chat wheel.
  • “Ай-ай-ай-ай-ай, что сейчас произошло” chat wheel.

The Dota 2 2020 Winter Update is mostly for Dota Plus subscribers. There is a bigger update in the works which will release mid-December. This next update will add the new Dota 2 hero and several patch updates to the game.

Written by Rohan Samal

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