CS:GO surprises players with Operation Broken Fang


In a surprise reveal today, Valve revealed Operation Broken Fang for CS:GO, a new set of modes, maps, features, and more.

Similar to previous CS:GO content patches like Operation Shattered Web, Operation Broken Fang introduces new content for players. New game modes like Broken Fang Premier and Retakes enter the field. What’s more, Valve completely changed the game with all new stats pages to better showcase player performance.

Just like before, CS:GO now holds a new in-game feature, this time to help communication. The first person shooter introduces its ping system to more game modes than before. A new customizable chat wheel also comes in to speed up certain commands.

As always in a new CS:GO operation, a new line of cosmetics makes its way to the game. Operation Broken Fang introduces the Operation Broken Fang Case and a new Agent Collection. New stickers and patches are also available for players to earn.

New CS:GO map, Ancient, in Operation Broken Fang.

Image credit to Valve.

Regarding the new map, Valve introduces Ancient to the CS:GO map pool. While Ancient isn’t in the competitive pool, players can find it in other game modes. Including the new map, Engage and Apollo are now in Scrimmage, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes. Mutiny and Swamp will be removed from the game to make room for other community maps.

In terms of competitive and esports CS:GO maps, Cache saw some changes with clarity and visual improvements. The map should remain largely the same in terms of gameplay.

Interested fans can find the December 3 release notes on Valve’s website. Operation Broken Fang is already live for everyone to enjoy due to the surprise reveal and launch from Valve. Players can go try out the new communication features and get new loot now.

Written by Justin Amin

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