CS: GO scam streams under threats from Summi1g


Jaryd “Summi1g” Lazar expressed his resentment of fake Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streams on Twitter. His thinking is in line with the community that is very annoyed by this problem. Popular streamers like Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, and Jake “Stevie2k” Yip are facing these impersonations. It has been a known issue for years but seems to become more and more problematic. The number of impersonating CS: GO streams is growing to a frightening degree. However, these fake streams are not that easy to deal with. Twitch can not keep up with the growing presence of those scammers. Despite this state of fact, a new hope has arrived in the form of a tweet from Summi1g.

This message is great news for all esports fans. We do not know any details yet but he seems to be starting a hunt for all these impersonating streams. It can be a bluff done for dissuasion purposes as well. Bringing his renowned experience to the table and working with Twitch to solve this issue may be a good start. Even Shroud responded to Summi1g’s tweet to show his support, showing how far this problem has already gone.

With every website relying on a free account system comes a problem. If any account is not following the website policies and got banned, its creator can just create another one and doing it again. This is the source of a lot of problems online including the CS: GO Scamming one. Another issue is the laziness of esports fans that are just fond of shortcuts. Once they see a big name on twitch, they are just clicking on it without double-checking. If the impersonator has some high-quality visual bots, they can get fool all these fans. Of course, these accounts have all monetization settings activated including paid promotions.

A long-term solution needs to be in place. Banning every scammer manually is just applying a band-aid on a bullet wound. Summi1g really seems to take this issue seriously and already warned scammers that he is finally coming for them.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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